This is your job

Over and over, scripture makes it pretty clear who is responsible for the spiritual care and guidance of your children, and it's that bleary-eyed, older version of someone you knew in college that stared back at you while you brushed your teeth this morning. 

Even though we knew that we couldn't outsource the responsibility of raising our girls in the discipline and instruction of the Lord, we weren't really sure how to jump into it all. In fact, we see rhythms of family discipleship as a grace the Lord kindly extended to us during one of the hardest years our family went through. 

Intentional times of family worship and discipleship became a life raft for all of us and held us together. So while we know it feels like you can barely make it until bedtime, we also deeply know the fruit that intentional discipleship has already borne in our family's life.  

As people who just keep having one baby right after another, we get what it's like to want to think about things and then fall asleep.  We want to serve you by creating a space in your week when you and your village can think intentionally about what it means to do life together as if God really has moved into the neighborhood and is busy making all things new.  We hope you'll subscribe to the podcast, follow us on Instagram & Facebook and join in the conversation. 

David & Lindsey 



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