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Family Discipleship Ministries at First Pres exist to support, serve, and resource families as they seek to know God, be transformed by his word, and live missionally together.  

We do this through four main channels: Family Worship, Pray for Me, Kingdom Kid's Club and our New City Kids Sunday School Classes, and for one big reason: the glory of God and the good of our city. 

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Fall Launch Dates

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Children and their parents worshipping in the Pray-Ground.

Children and their parents worshipping in the Pray-Ground.

Family Worship

The majority of our spiritual formation takes place at home, in the context of our relationships with one another, as we work and play and rest together.  Because of this, we are intentional about offering resources, training and events to help parents and families think about, plan, and implement strategies and rhythms of discipleship and mission in the home that foster a love for God and his word and provide space for children to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ through spiritual disciplines.  

We also invite children into the worship service because we believe they are an integral part of the church today. Nursery care is available during the 8:00 and 10:30 Sunday morning services for children ages 4 and under. Nursery is also available during all applicable church events and services outside of Sunday mornings. Our Pray-Ground is the area of our sanctuary set aside to serve as a training ground for children ages 4-8 and their parents as they learn to be present to God in the worship service. We are excited to have our children up front where they can see and participate in all that goes on among us on Sunday mornings!

Nervous about having your kids in service? Check out these great resources: 

Pray for Me Campaign

We value intentional, intergenerational relationships as a part of our ministry to families here at First Pres.  Because of this, we encourage families in our church to join the Pray for Me Campaign, which connects families with Prayer Champions of different generations who are committed to praying faithfully for the children of the families within their church. 

Join us on September 8, 2019 for Pancakes and Pray for Me at 9:15am.

For more resources, check out Pray for Me's website here


Kingdom Kid's Club After School Program

Kid’s Club is our midweek gathering for children from Kindergarten through 5th grade.  Kid’s Club prepares and equips children through a loving relationship with Jesus Christ to live as leaders of integrity, justice, and compassion.  Kid’s Club meets on Mondays (4:00 - 6:00 pm) and Wednesdays (4:00 - 7:00 pm) during the school year.  Monday focuses on tutoring, and includes reading, snack and recreation. Wednesday includes recreation, music, Bible study, and dinner.

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New City Kids Classes

Our New City Kids Sunday School classes meet upstairs from 9:15-10:15 and are for children ages 3 years old through 5th grade.  Each Sunday during the summer, children meet in a large group for a worship-style service designed to help them understand the elements of our worship service and what we do when we worship. During this time, we gather, we light a Christ candle, we sing, hear God’s word, recite the Apostles Creed, confess our sins, and then break into age-appropriate small groups for a response time. Children ages 3-5th grade can be checked in to Sunday School at the top of the staircase in Murray Commons and picked up from the large worship area upstairs. Our classes use Hearts Alive, a gospel-centered children’s curriculum designed to help children see and come to know Jesus through the entire Bible by studying and engaging with Scripture in age-appropriate ways.

Summer Schedule

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New City Families Podcast

Something new to love about Mondays! Our New City Families Podcast is for families in our church and beyond who are looking to go deeper into what it means to disciple our families to the glory of god for the good of our city.  New episodes launch on the first & third Mondays of the month. Write here…

Child Protection Policy

We are committed to providing a safe, caring environment in which your children can grow to love and trust God and his people. For more information on what this looks like see our Child Protection Policy.


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Make sure you check out our Family Discipleship Resource Library at the Children's Check-in Kiosk. There you will have the chance to check out resources and try them out before you purchase them.  We've also listed additional resources we recommend for parents and children below: 


We use the New City Catechism at Kingdom Kids Club.

We use the New City Catechism at Kingdom Kids Club.

Songs to help children memorize the catechism.

Songs to help children memorize the catechism.

Family Worship:

Story Bibles:


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