At First Pres, we believe that giving of our time, energy, and resources is essential to our calling as disciples of Jesus.  If you are at the point where you want to start investing financially in the work of our church, we have four easy ways to give:   


Online Giving

Give online through Realm. As a guest, you can give a one time gift through Realm as often as you would like. With a Realm account (coming soon), you can give as a one time gift or a set frequency (weekly, monthly, bimonthly).

  1. Click on the link https://onrealm.org/firstpresaurora/Give

  2. Log in as a Guest or as yourself if you have an account.

  3. Select the amount, General Fund and plug in your email address. Then click give.

  4. Fill in all the required information with an asterisk (*) next to it.

  5. Optional Check the box Processing costs (Contribute an extra $____ to help offset processing costs), if you are interested in helping the Church cover the extra processing fees to the bank.


Bill Pay 


You can also communicate to your bank that you would like to regularly send a check to First Pres, much as you might do with another bill. Here's how:   

1.  Go into "Online Banking" on your bank’s website.  (You many need to create a user account)

2,  After you’ve signed in, find "Bill Pay"  (some banks may use similar name)

3.  Add a Payee;  "First Presbyterian Church".  Include our street address also - 325 E. Downer Place, Aurora, IL 60505 -  as Bill Pay will send a check. 

4.  For account number type your church envelope number, “Envelope XXX”.  If you don't yet have a church envelope number, contact our office.  

5.  Select date to pay along with the account you wish to withdraw from.

6.  Select “Schedule Payment."

7.  Make your payment the same day each month by selecting “Automatic Payment”.


Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)


The first way to give is through Electronic Fund Transfer. We can set it up so that your bank regularly withdraws a certain amount without you having to write a check. Here are the steps to getting set up with EFT:  

1.  Complete an Authorization Agreement for Automatic Withdrawal of Funds (form here or you can pick up one in the church office).

2. Provide a voided check or deposit slip from the account you desire to withdraw from.

3.  Mail the form and check to the church office (325 E. Downer Place, Aurora, IL 60505), or drop it off at the office.    

4.  You’re ready to go with consistent withdrawals on the 16th of each month.


Offering Plate

offering plate.jpg

You always have the option to give each Sunday by placing a check or cash with your envelope in the offering plate. If you don’t have envelopes from the church, please contact us at office@firstpresaurora.org and we will have some made for you.