Everything we do is for the glory of God and the good of our city. Here, we share the details of our New City Vision. 

Our vision is that in the next 5-10 years, Jesus Christ will bring spiritual restoration to people who dwell in our geographic neighborhood through the faithful presence of First Presbyterian Church (this is called Targeted Transformation) by sending out seekers and followers of Jesus to love and serve our city, while growing in their love and knowledge of the Lord Jesus (this is called Spiritual Formation). 

Towards this big vision, we have four major initiatives, to be completed by 2021. Each of these initiatives is in different stages of completion: 

What does the New City Vision mean for me? 

What does the New City Vision mean for me? 

1.     Maximizing our people: The first question many people ask when presented with a new vision is "What does it mean for me?" We hope to see every member of First Pres do three things every week: 1) Worship, 2) Gather with your Go Team for study, training and prayer, and 3) Serve with your Go Team to transform our city for Christ. The Go Team is our clear and primary path of growing in Christ and developing as a follower of Jesus in the context of loving and serving our city.

Go Teams will launch in Fall 2018. 

2.     Maximizing our resources: We have a big gym (the Harkness Center) with a lot of potential, and we want to use it to its fullest. Our second initiative is to establish a Christian Community Center in the Harkness Center for use 6 days a week as a safe hub for our community. This Community Center coordinates community focused events and ministries for the purpose of bringing spiritual transformation to participants. 

3.     Maximizing Community Partnerships:  We need to be deeply invested with community partners in order to go back to the same people again and again with the love of Christ.  These partners include Bardwell Elementary School, Wayside Cross, and the Marie Wilkinson Food Pantry.

4.     Maximizing Our Discipleship Potential: We are not able to disciple all the people whom the Lord Jesus desires to reach in our city.  In order to help new believers grow in their faith, we must have a growing partnership with a Spanish-speaking congregation, and/or pursue a church plant in our geographic neighborhood to meet the spiritual needs of those transformed by the gospel. 

To read the whole New City Vision document, with more details and Biblical foundations click here